It's September. Shoot Me from a Cannon.

September always makes me feel like I’ve been shot out of a canon.

The Unhappiest Kid at the Jersey Shore

AAAAHHHH! The Magic Word of the Day is "Clue"

The Magic Word of the Day in my house today should be, could be “clue.” It has weaved through the day just like a theme on Pee-Wee Herman’s old show.

Flip-flops for Soup Cans. The Summer Scurry.

When I dropped by to pick up her son, I dropped off a pair of flip-flops and she gave me a bag full of soup cans. It’s been that kind of week(s).

Where Are Your Pajamas, Momma?

When I saw the inspector’s wife in the original 1963 production of The Pink Panther all decked out in a beautiful blue penior with white lace and matching robe, I started feeling schlumpy.

The Family that Shoots Together

When my mom took this photo of her children, son-in-law and grandchildren at a paintball shooting range, she joked, “That’s my Christmas card, right there.” Well, okay, Mom…

A Tantrum is Only Worth the Weight of its Audience

“Living with a toddler is like being in a biker bar late on a Saturday night: you never know when all hell will break loose.”

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