The Maytag Repairman and the Mom Signal in the Sky

I didn’t realize that I was on the phone with the Maytag repairman. That would have been a helpful tidbit while I was walking to my son’s school this morning and talking on the phone with what I thought was just my husband. But no, it was a conference call with the man who will fix […]

Five Fun Photos for Friday

A MommaSaid.net classic  I was looking for photos today, and stumbled upon these classics from my MommaSaid Photo Album.   They called it “acorn tennis.” I called it “a reason to wear goggles today.”

20 Ways Parenthood is Just Like College

I’m running around with one soccer shoe on and no lunch in my belly, so I’m going to post a MommaSaid Classic. This one first appeared in my book, 14 Hours ’til Bedtime, and has also run in American Baby. Enjoy and remember, share, share, that’s fair. Jen   A MommaSaid.net Classic     20 […]

Puppies, Rainbows and Wonderful News

“It’s scan day. Puppies and rainbows,” I e-mailed to my writer friends, asking them for “Zen for Jen.” They replied by adding even more happy thoughts to the list.

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