Stop Second-Guessing Yourself — The Preschool Years

Stop Second Guessing Yourself — The Preschool Years

by Jen Singer


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“Jen [Singer] has bestowed us with the rare parenting guides that actually give parents the shot of confidence we need to survive another day. Or sometimes, just another five minutes.” — Cool Mom Picks

Jen Singer’s “Stop-Guessing Yourself books have a thank-goodness-I’m-not-the-only-one tone while also offering practical advice for whatever parenting challenges may arise.” — Kristina Sauerwein, Baby Center’s Momformation blog
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You didn’t know you had to drill your child on how to draw the proper stick person to gain admission into the best preschool . . .or that there was a waiting list since your baby was in utero. When the other mommies give you the evil eye over a box of doughnuts, you realize that you must have missed the memo on playdate etiquette. As the saying goes, “Momma said there’d be days like these. . . . ” Except your mother didn’t. That’s because parenting has changed since the days when stay-at-home moms spotted one another and swapped secrets across the back fence. Today, many moms feel like we’re flying solo without a safety net, which-darn it -you probably needed to send to school for Show and Share today.

In Stop Second-Guessing Yourself: The Preschool Years, Jen Singer, “The Internet’s Favorite Momma,” shares her must-know advice plus dozens of “what works” tips from other moms. In this manifesto for modern momhood, she gives the girlfriendly skinny on everything that could confound you during the preschool years, from sleep issues to sibling rivalry, from starting school to stopping whining, from potty-training to picky eaters. With candid confessions, prescriptive tips, and a much-needed dose of humor, this must-have resource will help moms like you lose the doubt and gain much-needed advice and a pat on the back.

“Thank goodness for Jen Singer: She’ll talk you down off the ledge of parenting, then make you laugh and actually enjoy this crazy time.”
– Sarah Smith, Senior Editor, Parenting magazine

“For mothers wondering whether they’re the only ones who find birthday parties a nightmare and getting out the door impossible, Stop Second Guessing Yourself is a lifeline. Jen Singer weaves together pages and pages of practical advice, funny stories and insights. Her mixture of humor, reality and compassion will give all moms a lift.”
– Kate Kelly, Managing Editor, American Baby

“Jen Singer’s books are full of great advice to help moms conquer the toughest job in town: parenting. In fact, she’s been my own potty whisperer! They say it takes a village to raise a child, but Jen has managed to gather all the town’s mothers and pass along great advice for us all.”
– Melissa Joan Hart, actress

“Jen Singer gets it! Finally someone who truly understands what parents are going through. Take a break from the insanity and read Jen’s book. It’s laugh out loud funny and jam packed with parenting tips that really work!”
– Juli Auclair, Host/Parents TV

“Just when you need it most, Jen Singer’s books help remind you that laughter and a sense of humor are essential to parenting.”
– Charlene Prince Birkeland, parenting editor for Yahoo! Shine and founder of

“Smart, down-to-earth, hilarious yet useful for real-life moms riding those everyday waves, Jen Singer’s books are as essential as an extra diaper and that emergency cookie.”
– Pamela Redmond Satran, coauthor of Cool Names for Babies and The Baby Name Bible and founder of

“Everyone needs a mom friend like Jen Singer. She shares the straight scoop on poopies, parties and playdates, infusing motherhood with common sense, sanity and sound advice. We can’t all live next door to Jen (believe me, I wish I could), but you can still get the benefit of her wisdom and wit in her MommaSaid guides to motherhood. Being a mom is challenging enough. Jen makes it easier and more fun.” –Marybeth Hicks Columnist, The Washington Times, Author, “Bringing Up Geeks: How to protect your kid’s childhood in a grow-up-too-fast world”

“In her MommaSaid book series, Jen Singer offers up solid, field-tested parenting advice for weary moms. Her easy wit and humor deliver instant self esteem and validation. She’s the next best thing to having a sister or friend who’s been through the tough early years of motherhood.” – Dr. Joshua Coleman, author of “WHEN PARENTS HURT: Compassionate Strategies When You and Your Grown Child Don’t Get Along”; Senior Fellow with the Council on Contemporary Families.

 Jen Singer is the author of Stop Second-Guessing Yourself — Baby’s First Year, Stop Second-Guessing Yourself — The Toddler Years, Stop Second-Guessing Yourself — The Preschool Years, You’re a Good Mom (and Your Kids Aren’t So Bad Either) and 14 Hours ‘Til Bedtime: A Stay-at-Home Mom’s Life in 27 Funny Little Stories. For two years, she wrote the Good Grief blog for and has written for or served as a resource for The New York Times, The CBS Evening News, CBS The Early Show, USA Today, Associated Press, Parenting, Family Circle, Real Simple, American Baby, Parents and more. A Pull-Ups® Potty Training Partner, Singer is the creator of, the back fence of the Internet and a Forbes “Best of the Web” community. She has served as a spokesperson for SC Johnson’s Nature’s Source, Coinstar and Hershey/Kraft’s S’mores. She is the creator of “Please Take My Children to Work Day,” a holiday for stay-at-home moms celebrated on the last Monday of each June which was officially proclaimed by governors in at least a dozen states.

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