Please Take My Children to Work Day

On Monday, June 25th, 2012, will sponsor the 10th annual “Please Take
My Children to Work Day,” a holiday for part- and full-time stay-at-home

Moms around the world are encouraged to take the day off, or at least part of
it, by finding a relative, neighbor, friend or babysitter to take care of the

Frequently Asked Questions
This year’s holiday caused a lot of hoopla by working mothers who took offense to the holiday.
I never meant to offend anyone, but I can see where these folks are coming from, even if they feel the need
to call me a selfish b—h and other pleasantries to get their point across.
So, I will try to answer some of the printable questions below.

Q. Why did you start this holiday?

A. While at a seminar about disciplining your kids, a woman
complained that her husband would perceive her “night out” as time off. A class about taming temper tantrums is
“me time”? I don’t think so.

I told her to tell him it was a work-related seminar. But she didn’t know how to ask
for time off from a workweek that lasts upwards of 100 hours. So, I created a holiday as a way for at-home moms to
explain why they need a break now and then, no matter what their husbands, family or friends think.

Q. But what about working moms?

A. Certainly, someone’s who’s juggling conference calls with potty calls deserves a day off. And when someone
creates a holiday for working moms, MommaSaid will champion it, especially now that I’m a working mom, part of the time.
I’m at my computer at night because I have a blog entry due, a radio show to do tonight and a book to write by September 1st. I get it. I really do.

People tell me this is a cop-out, and that I should celebrate all moms, but that’s what Mother’s Day is for. And, on
most parenting web sites and in parenting magazines, there’s often a page called “Work & Family” that’s geared toward working moms.
There’s a consensus that working moms work hard, but that at-home motherhood isn’t work. I wanted to change that.

I remember when my kids were toddlers and I was a full-time at-home mom how exhausting it was to have kids hanging off my belt loops all day or putting crackers in the DVD player while I tried to get something done around the house. At-home moms often don’t feel like they deserve a break because they have the privilege of staying home. But when a sick day is doing what you do every other day, only you feel worse, and you can’t use the bathroom without an audience, you need an excuse to get a day off. And here it is.

Q. But working moms work hard, too!

A. Yes, indeed they do. I never said they didn’t.

Q.Why do you think we working moms would take your kids to work? We’re busy enough!

A. The title is tongue-in-cheek, people. Colorado declares it “Stay-at-Home Mother Day.” That’s all it is. Eight or so hours off from
the daily chores and responsiblities. Not a slap in the face to working moms any more than Father’s Day is a slap in the face to mothers,
or Arbor Day disses low lying vegetation.

Q. But it still pisses me off.

A. Then put it to action and start a holiday to recognize working moms. You should get your holiday into Chase’s Calendar of Events,
but the deadline is April, 15th. Why wait until next year, though? You can rally working moms everywhere to set aside one day a year, perhaps even later this year, to take a vacation day from work and from home. You’ve got a heck of a network to work with. Think about it: the media is filled with working moms, so they’ll cover it. Corporations are filled with them, too, and they’ll sponsor it. And I’d be glad to offer any ideas, tips, etc. I’m just not starting it myself, because I’m a bit tired of the hate mail.

Jen Singer,
July 1, 2008

5 Things Not to Do with Your Day Off


  1. …see a movie that’s animated with talking animals (or chirping robots).
  2. …go to a restaurant that provides crayons and a pile of handi-wipes.
  3. …spend your day culling your kids’ closets for clothes that no longer fit.
  4. …drop by Chuck E. Cheese just because they know you by name.
  5. …test the Spanish you learned on Dora, the Explorer.

5 Things You Should Do with Your Day Off


  1. …have long, uninterrupted conversations with grown-ups – and not about potty training.
  2. … read a book that doesn’t rhyme.
  3. … watch those shows your TV’s child blocker filters out.
  4. …eat food that doesn’t come with a free toy.
  5. …shave both legs on the same day.

Media Coverage

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XM radio covered the holiday during the week of June 19th on Channel 5.

Please Take My Children to Work Day was a Cool Mom Pick in 2006:

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Hear Jen Singer on The Mom Show talking about Please Take My Children to Work Day.

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