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5 Things I'd Ask God For

I’ve asked for a cure for cancer so often, perhaps it’s time to lower my expecations a bit. So last night, while I laid awake thinking about life and whether or not I remembered to buy milk at the supermarket, I came up with five simpler things I’d ask God for: Middle-aged insomnia should coincide […]

20 Ways Parenthood is Just Like College

I’m running around with one soccer shoe on and no lunch in my belly, so I’m going to post a MommaSaid Classic. This one first appeared in my book, 14 Hours ’til Bedtime, and has also run in American Baby. Enjoy and remember, share, share, that’s fair. Jen   A Classic     20 […]

If Moms Wrote the Hourly Weather Forecast

Sometimes I feel like Al Roker. I read the hour-by-hour forecast on so often that I can tell you what it’ll be like outside when the school bus returns this afternoon.

Free Swag Prompted this Post

Nobody had ever offered me a farting elephant before. Not a real elephant. I wouldn’t know where to keep one of those, though perhaps it would keep the bears out of our garbage cans, which would be nice. No, this was a toy farting elephant, a “Phartephant,” which, the PR person who offered it to […]

Puppies, Rainbows and Wonderful News

“It’s scan day. Puppies and rainbows,” I e-mailed to my writer friends, asking them for “Zen for Jen.” They replied by adding even more happy thoughts to the list.

Here's Your Cookie. Now Go Home.

At my in-laws’ house, however, dessert is an event.

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