Momma Said

On motherhood.

Where Are Your Pajamas, Momma?

When I saw the inspector’s wife in the original 1963 production of The Pink Panther all decked out in a beautiful blue penior with white lace and matching robe, I started feeling schlumpy.

Creativity Plus Fun in the Sun…You Do the Math.

But art isn’t on any standardized tests, which is, perhaps, why you never hear anyone worrying about the Summer Art Drain.

A Week at Summer Camp and I'm Okay

But here’s the thing:

It’s for just one week with a bunch of kids he knows from home at a camp no farther from our house than many people commute to work every weekday.

Dude. Where are your pants?

The outfit I had chosen to wear today could best be described as “Captain of the Capture the Flag Team.”

What's Up, Doc? Not My Kid. I Swear!

My kids are the Little Rascals in Old Navy shorts and sunscreen. And it’s hard to contain that kind of energy.

It's Not a Tumor

For 20 minutes yesterday morning, I had a brain tumor.

End of School Year Grins

What puts a smile on your face at the end of the school year?

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