Momma Said

On motherhood.

Stalking the Middle School Bus

I can only imagine what the 7th and 8th graders would have said to him if I had. “Did your Mommy pack your glue sticks and pencil case?” And that’s no way to start middle school.

I'd Rather Art than Fart

By the time we were listening to Chopin while driving across the George Washington Bridge, I realized I’d done something right for my son. Just the night before, I had a mini-van full of sweaty soccer players sharing stories of and having to do with the toilet. This, I knew. This, I grew up with, […]

Life is Rows and Piles

Is your life a series of piles and rows of stuff? Laundry here, cleverly lined up Goldfish crackers across the coffee table there? Mine is. Here’s how I know: There were two buckets of water balloons and four boys. Elapsed time to break them all: 5 minutes, 23 seconds. I never expected to see a […]

Oh Yeaaaaahh…Our Friend's Kool-Aid!

I remember a big party and a movie in a theater filled with nicely dressed grown-ups. And I remember getting huge boxes of swag at Christmas-time, courtesy of my father’s career. My dad was a PR executive at a large corporation, so we kids sometimes benefited from the perks that came with his job, including […]

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