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More about: Stop Second Guessing Yourself — Baby’s First Year
 “For mothers wondering whether they’re the only ones who find birthday parties a nightmare and getting out the door impossible, Stop Second Guessing Yourself is a lifeline. Jen Singer weaves together pages and pages of practical advice, funny stories and insights. Her mixture of humor, reality and compassion will give all moms a lift.”
– Kate Kelly, Managing Editor, American Baby


More about: Stop Second Guessing Yourself — The Toddler Years

 “What parent of a wily two-year-old couldn’t use some help? Singer delivers a funny yet deeply practical set of pointers on wrangling toddlers.
Library Journal




More about: Stop Second Guessing Yourself — The Preschool Years

“Jen Singer’s books are full of great advice to help moms conquer the toughest job in town: parenting.
In fact, she’s been my own potty whisperer! They say it takes a village to raise a child, but Jen has managed to
gather all the town’s mothers and pass along great advice for us all.”
– Melissa Joan Hart, actress



More about: You’re a Good Mom (and Your Kids Aren’t So Bad Either)

“It’s like a postnatal vitamin for any mom who is coming close to losing her identity in a vacuum of play dates, school functions and community sports.”
The Olympian.

“The best baby shower gift since valium.”
— Author Joni Rodgers on Boxing the Octopus

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  1. sheena cantwell

    i am now reading “Stop Second Guessing Yourself” The Preschool Years and Im loving it!! My little 3 yr old daugther, “Lauryn” starts preschool this september, and its really given me a heads up of what to expect. i laugh, cry, and just sigh as im reading. lol!!! i can tell the book has been wrote by experience, and that is what makes any parenting book great. i can say that first hand because i have read alot. im really glad i came to this website i think its awesome

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    […] “From cool to chaos” — whirlwind-tornado-tsunami — in a split second. […]

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