Boys will be boys

Raising boys.

Free Swag Prompted this Post

Nobody had ever offered me a farting elephant before. Not a real elephant. I wouldn’t know where to keep one of those, though perhaps it would keep the bears out of our garbage cans, which would be nice. No, this was a toy farting elephant, a “Phartephant,” which, the PR person who offered it to […]

Wrestlemania at the Dead Center of Summer

We are half-way through the summer, almost exactly to the hour. To celebrate, I am yelling at my kids.

Looney Tunes — Keeping Us Sane

On this Sunday, a day of rest, I would like to thank the Lord for the Loony Tunes – Golden Collection, 411 minutes of classic Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and more.

Keep on Truckin'

We spotted this toy dump truck strapped to a flat bed 18-wheeler. Somebody’s getting a treat from Daddy.

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