Dump truck in traffic to the Holland Tunnel.

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  1. Rita J Maggart

    Jen, I saw your interview on “Better TV ” today, You did a great job telling about the website and your story. A few years ago I wrote a three series of gift books called, “Mama says…’ published by Tybdale House.
    If you would like copies of them I would be glad to send them to you if you want to send your address. You can check them out on my website
    I am interested in your site because like you I have been a writer for many years and an artist and now photographer. I am trying to develop a website ” in the morning”
    It will have my writings , art and music. You can go to the under construction site. if you like. Do you have any advice for setting up a website with writings? Thanks, and congrats on your success. Rita J Maggart
    in Nashville Tn.

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