6 responses to “You Can’t “Choose to Be Happy””

  1. Cassie

    I like your perspective. It’s work trying to be happy. It’s something that doesn’t always happen because you’re waiting on someone to do something to make you happy. If you had to wait on that you’d be waiting a lifetime. Happiness is something you work for which means weeding through the good and bad finding yourself somewhat content in the midst of it all.

  2. Mignon Ariel King

    Yes! We can choose not to wallow inactively 24 hours per day, but we cannot choose to feel happy because it is not an activity.

    Good writing!

  3. Evelyn Taylor

    Thanks for sharing this thoughts on this topic! I too believe that human emotions aren’t something that we have complete control off – it’s not like I can keep my “Sadness” switch permanently off.

    I think we do have some control as to how we want to feel. Personally, gratitude has been a very important value in my life. Every day, I think about a few things that I’m grateful of and that almost always makes my day better.


  4. Tziporah Erblich

    Pursuing happiness is sort of an oxymoron. The more one chases after happiness the more elusive it becomes. I think it is very individual. What makes one person happy may make the next person miserable. Also it is a state of mind, less of an illusory and fleeting emotion. It is a choice of expression of your life. It comes from gratefulness and maturity. And most importantly, it is something that develops within a person over time. I learned a ton working with the geriatric population. Those that were embittered in their youth, were bitter and angry in their old age. Those that made peace with their lives, and chose to be positive were happy and fun loving well into their nineties.
    We don’t have much choice about being on the planet. And generally whatever circumstances we are dealt by fate, are challenging. So where is our free choice? Only in our attitude. And if it all comes down to that, then why NOT choose the more optimistic happy route?

  5. madge2

    so glad to find your blog again after all these years! so sorry you think this way. depending on what ‘happiness’ means to you, I guess it might be difficult to choose it, but contentedness and joy with what The Lord’s Provided can be chosen, per His Word. I hope y’all will choose this mind/spirit-set because the opposite can be so debilitating and just darn depressing. we can’t often choose our circumstances, but, because of Christ, we can choose His joy. I must do this everyday due to my life at the present. blessings!

  6. Barb

    Thank you! You said this just right. Being happy requires something of us, far more than a choice. And as for the “other have it Worse” attitude, that has always seemed so irrational. That never makes your own pain less, it just might give you guilt over it.

    I am bookmarking this one.

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