4 responses to “The Summer Before the Summer Before College”

  1. Marijke

    Great post. My “kids” are 28, 26, and 1 month shy of 24. My middle one, the daughter, has studied in California and Singapore. Both very far away from us, although Singapore is much, much farther.

    I tried to teach them all to be problem solvers and adventurers, and although it can be hard at times to let them go and make mistakes, it’s like watching them ride down the street on their bike, alone for the first time to join up with friends. I felt proud, wistful, a bit scared, and so very, very lucky to be part of that journey.

  2. Misty

    Hi my daughter is a junior this year. She’s really into art too. Just curious about the art your son does. Awesome article by the way. It is so hard to let go, even though I know I need to.

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