6 responses to “Parents: Leave the Lemonade Stands to the Kids”

  1. Thinkpnk

    Should have stopped and supported the community especially since you took the time to write about it…inaccurately I might add

    Fact: The Lemonade Hop proceeds are 100% donated to the Mother’s Group. Not one dime is kept by the kids

    Fact: The kids were the ones who voted to use that “über-hip” saying so we thank you for noticing

    Fact: The kids were yelling and holding signs to encourage people like you to stop, no vuvuzela required they did it all on their own!

    Fact: Safety means we accompany our children on a busy road while 9 out of 10 cars whiz by at 30 MPH barely taking notice of the kids efforts rather making generalizations about this so-called new generation (by the way some of the kids selling the lemonade where teenagers so I’m not sure our kids would technically be called a different generation)

    Fact: Elaborate lemonade stands & clever signs are visual marketing tools…hardly to be credited for diminishing the potential of our children especially when the kids are instrumental in the creation

    Opinion: Are we perfect mother’s…far from it! We love our kids & our community and had so much fun selling lemonade for a good cause, spending time with our neighbors and yes–making memories!

    Small suggestion, try and notice the good next time it makes for a much better story

  2. Valerie Bigelow

    To bad you did not take the time to stop and buy some lemonade from our kids. If you had, you would have seen them do the transactions all on their own and found out it was a fundraiser for the Mothers Group. This yearly event gives us the opportunity to create with our kids and teach them about doing something for a greater cause. They donated all the money earned to the Mothers Group. My daughter wants to a lemonade stand all on her own and you can bet she will make the signs and earn the money she makes. And my kids do play outside on their own everyday, with the exception of my daughter who prefers to stay inside and read some days.

  3. Jennifer L.W. Fink (@jlwf)

    A chance to stay inside…and get your own damned stuff done, whether that “stuff” is cleaning the house, finishing an article, reading a book or simply enjoying a few moments of knowing your kids are happily and productively engaged while you AREN’T.

  4. Melanie Davis

    Terrific commentary, Jen. My parents didn’t intervene when my sisters, I, and our friends decided to set up a child care center in our side yard. We had days of fun imagining how it would operate, planning activities, creating “rooms” by drawing lines in the dirt, etc. We learned so much more than we would have if adults had directed our activities. Of course the center never opened, but we came to the conclusion that it was impractical on our own.

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