6 responses to “Glory Days Well They’ll Pass You By”

  1. Beth Feldman

    Such a great post and so ironic…I was driving home from class tonight and Rhythm of the Night by Debarge came on the radio. I still remember when I was 15 years old being at a high school dance where I met my first serious boyfriend and that song was playing. We then went on to date for several years, attending several Springsteen concerts (he made people call him Bruce…don’t ask) and then we broke up after I graduated college (best thing that ever happened to me). While driving home I realized that Rhythm of the Night experience took place nearly 30 years ago. Do I feel old? Yes — but agree with you – I wouldn’t trade those memories for the ones I’ve made with my family. Incidentally, my 15 year old daughter would probably make me change the station if they heard Debarge playing again.

  2. Lisa Frame

    I had the same feeling yesterday while driving back home. I’ve had many Glory Days and see many in my future :)

  3. Kevin

    Best. Blog. Post. Ever! For the record Jen, I wasn’t the one that stole the slides. This post is 100% spot-on — I was actually up in the same neck of the woods last weekend and had a similar moment (although neither of my kids was driving, and I did not see you and Diane dancing in the HS parking lot). Anyway, excellent post — now if you will excuse me, I have to head back to the Chain Gang.

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