One response to “Kudos, Internet Bully. That One Hurt.”

  1. Anon Please

    Aww. We’ve all been there, and it can be scary, painful, and just undo your equilibrium for a time. Putting yourself in the public eye should not mean it’s open season, but a small number of jerks act otherwise. It’s not just the Internet; it’s pandemic. It’s not just anonymity; people are vile with their names very much attached. Otherwise, we’d have no sexual harassment at work!

    I know two women who were featured in local press (one TV, one print) only to get long letters from bored men in jail. Imagine seeing that, with the date of release and a promise to look her up, sent to her home address? I do work in public too, and have to be very careful. Once I had the police advise me to sell my house and move, which eventually I did. I had one crazy show up and force past me into my (closet-sized) office. Harmless, fortunately, but it took a year to go from that out-of-the-blue visit from someone I had never even met before to finally, finally, finally not getting email invitations to meet again.

    I wish I had an answer on how best to deal with the negative side. It is not an acceptable “cost” to be treated like this. You did nothing to deserve it in any way, because _no one_ deserves such horrible comments.

    You are not alone. The majority of normal, decent people need to stick together and support one another.

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