2 responses to “Sherman: Confessions of (Yet Another) Superbrat”

  1. Capt Red pen

    Right On !!!!

  2. Jennifer L.W. Fink (@jlwf)

    What do you think of the role of the media in all of this?

    Ultimately, Sherman is responsible for his words and behavior. But over the last few years, sports reporters have started shoving mikes into athletes faces ever more quickly. Swimmers barely touch the wall in the Olympics, and there’s a mike in their face, asking them how they feel about winning or losing. Game clocks barely finish counting down, and sportscasters have their mikes in athletes faces, often before the coach has even had a chance to talk to the team.

    Personally, I think the news reporters should back off. Give players — who are people — time to think, cope and process before asking them questions on national TV, with a live microphone.

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