4 responses to “Gosselin Gossip: The Kids Aren’t Alright.”

  1. Tara Ziegmont

    I’m so out of the loop; I wouldn’t had known about this if not for seeing it on your blog.

    Anyone would agree that the segment was painfully awkward to watch.

    BUT (and I cannot believe I’m about to defend Kate Gosselin, whom I absolutely cannot stand) I have had to sit in a therapist’s office while my child refused to talk about the anxiety that brought us there in the first place.

    Or sit in a school meeting where she was asked a direct question and sat mute.

    I do understand having your kid freeze and not respond, even after she agreed that it was a good idea to see the therapist/have the meeting/go to the class in the first place.

    I don’t think it’s Kate’s fault. (Unless she forced them to go on the Today show in the first place, and in that case, let the Kate hating go on as it was.)

  2. kim

    I’m with Brette. It would be nice if she apologized afterward, but I fear she focused on her own humiliation and ripped into them, which could mean anything from a “what the hell kind was that?” to :you just ruined our chances for a new TV show.”

    Friends don’t let friends be on reality TV.

  3. Jennifer L.W. Fink (@jlwf)

    Um, wow. That was painful!

    I agree with Brette — there’s no way to know what was really going on, and I’m trying very hard to reserve judgement.

    I’ll say this, though: I don’t know any 13 yr. old who would willingly, without any kind of pressure whatsoever, go on TV to talk about what a great parent or family life they have.

  4. Brette

    I saw this also. It’s hard to know what was happening though. I’ve had to prod my kids to talk to doctors, relatives, teachers, etc., even when we planned in advance what to say and they were the ones who wanted the conversation. Sometimes teens forget how to talk It could also have just been shock at being in front of a camera again. They’ve been away from tv a long time. Or it could be a mom who won’t stop in her pursuit of fame (or maybe she’s just trying to make a buck – she’s got a lot of kids and I totally understand that too). Tough call. It sure was awkward though. And judging on her past behavior on reality tv, I’ll bet she was really pissed at them afterwards!

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