2 responses to “Mom, You Did Something Right. “Wait, What?””

  1. Jennifer L.W. Fink (@jlwf)

    Love the fact that it was your 10th grader who commented on this. My oldest is in 10th grade too, and in many ways, he *is of a different generation than his younger brothers, whose early childhoods contained access to iPod Touches that didn’t even exist when he was young.

    1. Jen Singer

      Interesting. I think they might be right about technology and their generation, and you have provided some proof for that.

      We were watching a documentary on Improv Everywhere that showed the progression of that group’s rise in popularity. (They’re the No Pants Subway Ride people.) When they started in 2002, there were no blogs, just web sites, and no YouTube. They didn’t get on Facebook and Twitter for a few years. Even the iPhone was a few years after that.

      So my teens just missed being raised on tech from the womb. Interesting.

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