5 responses to “It’s My Birthday. I am a Million Years-Old.”

  1. Jennifer L.W. Fink (@jlwf)

    You ain’t kidding. That kind of tough stuff ages you like nothing else. *How* it ages you is entirely up to you. I have seen some people (of all ages) turn into bitter, angry old people after cancer or divorce (much less both!). I have seen others mourn and process and heal and ultimately become much wiser, more compassionate, more empathetic people. My wish for you is that you continue on that 2nd course this year. It’s a lot of work, and it takes time, but it is oh so worth it.

    1. Jen Singer


      I used to rail against the idea that you “choose” how you’ll react to something. While I still believe you can’t mentally choose to be happy just by saying it, you can learn how to be with the bad stuff so that it doesn’t take over every fiber of your being. It takes work and skill, but it can be done, and done well.

      I am working toward that!

  2. Nancy Schatz Alton

    Hi Jen. I can’t believe I had to do a math problem to comment. Oy Vey. Anyways. I love this. Happy birthday. I wanted to say that as someone who is almost 44, I didn’t realize the tsunami of change that the 40s would bring. Even though I haven’t gone through divorce or cancer (now I’m knocking on wood), it’s a ride I didn’t expect, the 40s. It’s good, but the hard work is something. No wonder people celebrate 40 (with innocence, no idea of what is ahead).
    Good work, thanks for sharing! Happy birthday!

  3. rajean

    Jen, this is wonderful. You are wonderful. I love the overtime reference. Wish we could lift some cheer in person, but I will hoist one high in your million-years honor. Cheers to one of the most beautiful dinosaurs I know. May we be as feisty as Lady Grantham (one of my new hero’s)is on that uptight English show! ha. Birthday hugs.

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