3 responses to “What if the Air Soft Gun School Suspension Wasn’t About Politics?”

  1. Cecelia Anderson

    I was very eager to get your point of view on this issue since I have been following Momma Said as well as your books ( I am forever laughing and repeating the reference of dealing with tired toddlers being like a biker bar on Saturday night).
    PARENT and SUPERVISION are the key words. I also appreciate the mention of the school’s role in addressing online bullying. The air gun incident and some bullying tragedies have been in our local news a lot recently. As a retired teacher, I know that a lot of parents want the rules to apply to all the OTHER kids.Have you seen any of the coverage interviews with the boy’s mom? One station was outraged about the boy’s rights and another station discussed the rights of the other children going to their bus stop.
    The school administrations are walking that old tightrope in these kind of situations; when does the school’s responsibility begin and end? At the end of the school day? At one time, we assumed responsibility from “door to door”…from when the child left his house until he returned.
    Thanks for a sensible article, Jen.

  2. Melanie Davis

    A kid in my childhood neighborhood sat on his property line pointing a stick at passers by, clearly taking aim. It was creepy, and I suspect he had socialization issues or worse. I’d much rather see kids engaging in games with each other that are clearly games, even with AirSoft. If it bothered the neighbor, she should have spoken with the parents. 911? Jeez.

  3. Jennifer L.W. Fink (@jlwf)

    Great post! I’ve often said the same thing you did, re making the toy guns LOOK LIKE TOYS. I want my boys to be able to play too, but given the current climate, I completely understand why concerned citizens and cops are calling in about people with “gun” that turn out to be toys.

    I just posted a conversation with Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demands Action, on BuildingBoys. In it, she talks about how hard it is to get people to the middle re gun issues. It’s def. a complex issue, but like so much else, when each side is playing for power, it’s very hard to draw to the grey middle.

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