2 responses to “BrdsNBz: Sex Ed by Text, Minus Parents”

  1. jessica bieri kunze

    IMHO, no freaking way. Texting is for nothing more nuanced than grocery lists and when/where meetings are happening. Anything above and beyond that needs to be in a forum where subtlety can be expressed well. Especially when there isn’t even a font for *italics*! Break up with me on a post-it note, why don’t you?! Has speaking to each other become so old-school that we don’t even talk about sex with our children anymore? I see this leading nowhere good and it scares the crap out of me, Idiocracy-style :(

  2. Kelly

    As a former elementary school teacher and a mother of three boys….now teens and early twenties, I can NOT believe our country has resorted to believing that it is okay to blow off parental responsibilities onto a…what? cell phone? computer? As a parent, I am so afraid of the unsavory characters out there nowadays convincing our children that somehow I (the parent) am the bad guy! How do these kids know who is on the other end answering their questions? Is it a person they would want to talk to if they met them in person? Who’s to know…? I believe that we need to remind our kids that the adults in their lives that they know and trust are reliable and have their best interest at heart even if the answers we give at the time aren’t what the teen wants to hear. Also, there are guidance counselors, family doctors, nurses in school clinics, etc. who have rapport with the children in their neighborhoods. These would be alternatives to parents if a teen is that uncomfortable with talking to his or her parent. Adults need to return to being adults and let kids be kids. Another thing, as a parent, what recourse do I have when I find out some stranger gave my child unhealthy advice that he followed? How do I track this person? What safety measures are in place to know that the folks texting our children should be communicating with children at all? These are important questions that I’d want answers to.

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