4 responses to “Surviving High School: The Wonderful-Awful Years”

  1. Jodi Heitmann

    As a mom of a freshman in high school this brought tears to my eyes. I’ll happily share it with my daughter and think we’ll be looking for a copy of The Breakfast Club to watch together soon.

  2. Jennifer L.W. Fink (@jlwf)

    1) I need to re-watch that movie. And watch it with my boys.

    2) I ate a lot of ice cream bars this weekend.

    3) The captcha question I got was __ X 7 + = 42. Does your computer somehow know that I got that question wrong over and over on a 4th grade math quiz/

    1. Jen Singer

      We watched it a few months ago, and I was amazed with how timely it still is.

      I am glad you enjoyed your ice cream. I am sorry to make you do math. I would prefer spelling questions myself.

  3. Ann Delaney

    So true! Challenging years for the teen…and their parents. Traumatic enough that even those of us WAY past high school have vivid recall of the day to day drama.
    Good luck, Mrs. Singer :)

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