15 responses to “FREEBIE: Mars Modern Movie Night Giveaway”

  1. Christina Z

    Love Snickers and M&M’s cant keep them in freezer. Thanks for the chance

  2. Jody

    M&M, definitely, but we would gladly eat any of them :D

  3. Amy Halstead

    Milky Way ice cream bars are ridiculously good, but I will try to share them. They will go first!

  4. Nicole Herman

    Definitely snickers! We love chocolate and ice cream :)

  5. Michelle G.

    My husband would devour the Snickers.

  6. Susan Christy

    Snickers for sure – they are awesome!

  7. mamotts

    snickers- they in hale them all

  8. Kathy Morelli

    Hi Jen! With the older teen crowd that hangs out in my basement doing sleep overs at least once a week this summer I think that the M&Ms and FROZEN Milky Way bars will go first!
    Warmly, Kathy

  9. Kathy Morelli

    Hey there Jen! Love to win some grub for the older teen crowd that hangs out in my basement playing zombies and watching flicks! Love Kathy

  10. Nataly Carbonell

    definitely twix

  11. Jennifer L.W. Fink (@jlwf)

    I’m thinking that Twix would disappear first. But no matter how well I think I know my boys, they always seem to find a way to prove me wrong!

  12. Bonnie P

    M&M because we have no self-control when it comes to ice cream sandwiches or M&Ms. I might even have to add some peanut butter M&Ms around the edge of the ice cream.

  13. Sarah K

    twix is one of my favorites

  14. Sarah K

    Yum,ice cream!hope I win :)

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