6 responses to “In Defense of Not Sharing”

  1. Kathy Morelli,LPC

    Hey Jen – Wow, sorry to hear the Klout score sank in just ONE week! Ugh! BUT I’ve unplugged a bit from socme as it was just getting to be too much for me emotionally and mentally. I feel better when I’m less plugged in..have more energy for the here and now… hope you had a good time! (how old-fashioned!)

  2. Ann Delaney

    Important message. Thanks!

  3. Daisy Wilson

    We had our daughters birthday party this weekend. I posted one picture. A few people messaged me asking where the pictures were. I feel obligated sometimes to post. It was nice to just enjoy the party for a change :)

  4. Jennifer James

    My family and I recently went on a weekend trip and I didn’t say a peep online — no check-ins, no photos, nothing. It was great.

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