One response to “Girls Rule? It’s Time to Retire the Shirt.”

  1. JIM

    I agree with you wholeheartedly! From birth to age 4 I was raised by my mother and older sister (4 years older than me)I was taught at a very early age that girls are better than boys. I had no say at all about anything it was all up to my mother and sister. If I didn’t want to wear a shirt that was too small for me they made me wear it anyway. My mother would tell me that I wasn’t going to tell her what I was wearing. I learned that if a girl hits you don’t hit her back. But if that girl hits you first then a boy should hit her back. I am not advocating hitting girls or women, however a boy has to defend himself! My sister would fight me and tear my shirts and pull me around by my shirts stretching them out she would just laugh. If I pulled her shirts she would slap my face.And I was the one that got into trouble. When I would look at her clothes how nice they were compared to my shirts(rags) and my pants hanging off of me I got the message that girls were superior to boys. I grew up believing that whatever a girl does to you that you have to take it like a man. Sorry for ranting on like this but saw this post and it struck a nerve.

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