16 responses to “My Son Turned 16 and I Know Where the Time Went”

  1. Liz

    Sweet 16, indeed :)

  2. karla

    Don’t forget all the time spent being a room mother. And field trips. I love those posts.

  3. Catherine

    Oh, and happy 16th birthday to your son!

  4. Catherine

    I often say “where did the time go,” too. Even when just like you know exactly where it went.

  5. Susan (5 Minutes for Mom)

    I love this. My girls are only 5 and 7… and I hope I have as many great memories when they turn 16 as you have.

  6. Brette Sember

    Sniff. My son just turned 15 and my list is pretty similar to yours. But the horrible thing is my daughter is turning 21 and therefore I am ancient.

  7. Marijke

    Wonderful post. My kids are in their 20s now, but I remember those growing -up days so well. Cherished memories. Thank you for this.

  8. ConnieFoggles

    I need some Kleenex. Such a loving post.

  9. Jessica @FoundtheMarbles

    Darn you for making me cry!

  10. Jessica @Bkeepsushonest

    the joys of being a mom, you get to see a little baby grow into a man. How amazing. I can’t even imagine what all will transpire between now and when my 4 year old turns 16.

  11. Kathy Morelli,LPC

    Jen – I am teary eyed. Beautiful.

  12. Kate

    Could not possibly love this any more! Completely fantastic post, as I watch my own guys so close to turning 16 themselves. Beautiful.

  13. Alex

    Oh my lord, Jen, this just hit so close to home! I absolutely love this, it’s gorgeous.

  14. Jennifer Fink

    Beautiful! I love that you’re honoring and remembering all the little tiny and great big steps that it took to get there.

  15. April Phelps Downey

    What a wonderful way to capture those special moments and celebrate a birthday!! I was moved to tears reading this!

  16. Lana

    I am all teary eyed as I am reading this post. They grow up so fast, don’t they? My oldest is 13 now and I constantly wonder where the time went.

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