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  1. James

    Thanks, Jen for the update!
    While I do love Office 365, the “Small Business Premium” option isn’t really suitable for people who do freelancing on their own, or people who want to use share their 5 licenses among their family. Office “Home & Business” solves this issue but doesn’t come with the 5 licenses or cloud options. There really needs to be a “Home & Business” Office 365 plan for people in that situation, or at least loosen up the rules for “Home Premium”… most people primarily use Office for work purposes (even at home), so if we pay for their services, it really shouldn’t matter how we use the software as long as we’re doing so in a legal manner. That’s my 2 cents. But thank you again, I look forward to seeing how Office 365 gets improved in the near future. :)

  2. James

    Hi there – Great article! I was really looking forward to signing up for Office 365 Home Premium, but now I’m concerned because it says “Non-Commercial”. I currently use Office 2010 at home on my PC and laptop, where I do both personal stuff and stuff that’s work-related (for my full-time job) and even some stuff related to freelancing on the side. With Office 365 Home Premium, looking at the licensing terms it seems this is no longer allowed? I really hope this is not the case because most customers do work from home. Can you please confirm?

    – James

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