3 responses to “Should 18-20 Year-olds Be Allowed to “Drink with Dad” in Bars?”

  1. bubslang

    I say it should be 18 all the way around. 18 is considered an adult in every situation but the drinking age. If an 18 yr old cannot be trusted to make good decisions about having a drink, than why should we trust them to vote who can run our country, enter into binding legal contracts among other things. If as a parent you teach your children about using Alcohol responibly, rather than ignore it, we probably wouldn’t have the issues that we have right now.

  2. tewonawonga

    Great. Now that you’ve planted the idea, it’s only a matter of time before the “Smoking Pot with Mom” bill will be on the ballot here. What’s sounds ridiculous elsewhere seems to fly for normal in Colorado these days. ;-)

  3. Denise Schipani

    I agree with you, and I’m speaking on this same topic to a parent group here in a week or so, so this is timely. I think one thing that appeals to parents who are in favor of such a statute is the sense that it makes you seem ‘cooler’ to your kids. “It’s okay, we’re hanging out together!” One thing that gets missed in that scenario is that kids (even teens) look, sound and act like they’re a lot more mature than they actually are, and even their own parents can be fooled into thinking they “get it” and wouldn’t then binge drink w/ their friends. We have to remember that they ARE still kids, often with very bad judgment. Seems like yet another misguided attempt to be our kids’ friends. Thanks for the extra fodder for my talk!

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