9 responses to “One Direction with a Poster of a Teenage Boy”

  1. Kat @ iHeart7.com

    haha I’m about as clueless as you are. And I would have found it just as awkward lugging that thing around ;) But you owed her one. Newspapering. You know. haha Thanks for sharing!!

  2. jodifur


  3. Kelly

    The things we do for our kids and our friends! I love this story, I can just imagine being in your shoes.

    I do know who they are (I’m a pop music junkie) and I think the songs are catchy and actually pretty sweet. :)

  4. hchybinski

    LOL so funny – I rode part way on the train from NYC Saturday next to a family (mom, dad and 2 girls) that had just been to the concert. I am a mom of boys, but we listen to Radio Disney so I DO know who they are. . .and I have been known to crush a boy band or two in my time.


  5. Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting


  6. karla

    He’s a young’un. You probably have longer arms than him. And bigger muscles. (ha)

  7. Angela England

    So hilarious. I love it. Thanks for the fun journey.

  8. Betsy

    Oh sure, play it cool. “Justin Beiber?” “Sure.” Priceless.

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