3 responses to “Parents: Stop Putting Crying Kids in Santa’s Lap”

  1. Peggy

    Totally agree! I cannot imagine putting a crying kid on Santa’s lap. WHY? The whole Santa thing has always freaked me out and I never planned to do it with my kids, but guess what? My 4.5 y/o is dying to meet Santa and the way her face lit up when she saw “santa” at an event recently makes me rethink. So I might just do it this year. But ony because SHE wants to.

  2. Lisa

    THANK YOU!!! Yes yes and YES.

  3. Jennifer Fink

    I agree 100%. I never pressured my kids to sit in Santa’s lap; if they were uncomfortable or didn’t want to go to him, I’d hold them or let them hide behind me. After all, don’t we also want to teach our kids boundaries? And that it’s OK to trust their instincts?

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