My City of Ruins: Help the Jersey Shore Be Thankful

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful I live uphill.

I am thankful that the big tree that Hurricane Sandy knocked down fell away from our house.

I am thankful for generous neighbors with generators.

I am thankful for our safety, our health and our heat.

Though we have our power back and I’ll be able to cook a turkey in our oven, I am well aware of how much help places like the Jersey Shore still need.

My friend Carol, who grew up “down the shore,” made my heart flip when she sent me this photo of Route 35 in Mantoloking:

Hurricane Sandy Route 35 Mantoloking

My friend Dawn made my stomach churn when she sent me these photos of Belmar:

Hurricane Sandy Belmar


Hurricane Sandy damage Belmar


Hurricane Sandy Belmar Beach

If you’d like to help the people of the Jersey Shore this holiday season, consider buying a Restore the Shore T-shirt. Currently 100% of the crowd-funded benefit profits are donated to the American Red Cross.

The Community Food Bank of New Jersey is coordinating relief efforts with other organizations to distribute 100,000 pounds of food each day to families who faced loss from Hurricane Sandy.

Photographers for Sandy Relief is made up of eleven photographers who have teamed up to offer a chance to win photographs of signed, original prints of Bruce Springsteen’s career and album covers.

So before you put your turkey in the oven tomorrow, consider clicking over to help out the Jersey Shore. Meanwhile, speaking of Bruce, here’s his “My City of Ruins,” written about Asbury Park some 30 years ago, but is now more poignant than ever. (I was lucky enough to see this concert in the Meadowlands with my friend Stephanie last April. Sweet!)

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