2 responses to “PARENTING TOGETHER APART: Making Your Visitation Schedule Flexible for Your Teens”

  1. Brette Sember

    It’s always nice to tell the teen the judge made the plan based on the evidence and facts in the case. YOU didn’t make the plan. The judge did. This gets you off the hook. Tell the teen the judge is an expert in making decisions about families, just like teachers are experts about making decisions about education. This is what the judge felt would be the best choice for your family. If you continue to have issues with the other parent talking in this way to the teen, you can get the court to order him or her to stop.

  2. Jim

    Great article, Brette! So true… when both parents are committed to being flexible and communicating with each other. Any thoughts on how to deal with a teen when one parent has no interest in communicating with the other parent? And, in addition, constantly tells the teen how unfair the parenting plan is?

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