3 responses to “Many Grandparents Clueless about Children’s Safety Guidelines”

  1. Lisa

    I’m with you for the most part… I’m sad that walkers just were NOT made when my kids were little, and my eldest had a bumper (the other two we discovered the horrible evil ‘you’ll-kill-your-child’ cosleeping, but they would have!). But I have to say, the recommendation for rear facing is VERY important. There’s plenty of science as to why it’s MUCH safer for children. You know, as opposed to the “hey, if you leave your kid alone for too long he might find an open door with stairs and squeeze through the doorway and fall down it” danger!

  2. Amy Denby

    My dad came to the beach with me and my two-year-old twins to “help”…he plucked a decaying crab claw from the shoreline and mimed it like a puppet to talk, then handed it to my daughter. Behold, what was this treasure was given, and from Grandpa, even better! She loved it, of course, so much so that I could not pry the sharp, rotting, could-moonlight-as-a-weapon claw from her tiny hand. She ran with it. She pet it. She hugged it. “Thanks, for the help, Dad!”

  3. Brette Sember

    My MIL would put my daughter to sleep on her stomach in a crib she bought at a yard sale that had slats that were too wide according to safety standards of the time. She also bought a car seat at a garage sale (not a good idea b/c you don’t know if it was in an accident) and had one of those plastic horses that is suspended on a metal frame by exposed wire springs. She also bought this little ride on toy that always tipped over forward. It was literally a death trap over there. But like you, back then I had bumpers and turned the car seat around at 20 lbs – but those were considered safe at that time. I understand the guidelines being hard to keep up with, but once you are aware, there is no excuse to ignore them, which is what my MIL did.

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