4 responses to “Back Away from Your College Kid and Put Your Phone Where I Can See it”

  1. Miriam

    When I went off to college, my Mom started writing me a letter once a week, the same thing her father had done with her 25 years before that. I wrote Mom on a weekly basis as well. Few phone calls – still a hang over from the generations where a long-distance phone call meant bad news. We kept that up regularly until email came along, over 5 years after I graduated from college. Mom went electronic before I did and couldn’t wait until we had internet capabilities.

    Now, my college kid is living at home for at least the first year. He’s going to school at the university across town (less than 2 miles away, it’s a small town). So we communicate daily, in person. But, I’m letting him handle his college decisions on his own – including dealing with the financial aid office and his student account. I’m here if he has questions, but ultimately his college decisions are his alone.

  2. Jamie

    Fancy! If memory serves, I decorated mine with piles of dirty laundry — a timeless look.

  3. Jamie

    Woman in front of me at Pottery Barn last week was returning lamps and chairs because they were too big for her daughter’s dorm room. Clerk asked, “freshman?” She replied, “junior.”

    I don’t know why, but it was a major wake up call to me to step even farther back. Even though my kids aren’t quite off to college yet, I want them to be able to decorate their damn dorm rooms without my direct involvement.

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