Postagram: Postcards for People Who Hate Sending Postcards

PostagramMy mother is still waiting for my photos from our June trip to Lake George. She wants to put them in her scrapbook and yet, here it is August, and her June pages are practically bare, because I rarely print out photos anymore.

And postcards? I’d have to remember to buy one, fill it out, bring stamps and find a place to mail them. That’s just so…20th century. So, I’d given up on postcards completely, choosing instead to tell inquiring family members, “Check my Facebook page.”

Then I discovered Postagram. It’s an app that allows you to choose a photo from your phone, personalize it with a few lines for Grandma and mail it to her — yes, like in snail mail, all for just 99¢.

Now my mom has at least one photo from our Lake George vacation, plus a big thanks for the trip. The rest? Well, I’ll get around to it.

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Here’s what Postagram (who did not pay me to do this; I just liked the app) offers:

  • Postagram enables you to create and send personalized printed 4×6 postcards with a 3×3 image of your choosing in a matter of minutes right from your iPhone and Android.
  • Postagram allows you to add personal pictures to your postcard right from your mobile phone, Facebook or Instagram. With a simple click, your photos go from digital only to a physical keepsake.
  • You can easily create an address book through Postagram’s online vanity URL-based address book for easy sending.
  • The Postagram app is free to download, and operates on a credit system.  To send a postcard by US mail, the cost is $0.99 or 5 Sincerely credits. To send a postcard internationally, the cost is $1.99 or 10 Sincerely credits.

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