4 responses to “Is it Okay to Follow 8th Graders?”

  1. Kathy Morelli, LPC (@KathyAMorelli)

    Hi Jen – Tough one. I don;t know anything about Instagram.
    I’ve read alot of research about socme and tweens/teens, and it’s tricky.
    I think it’s ok to follow, it’s the quality of the interactions, I think???? The online world is a subset of your real life and hopefully, your facebook is not all of who you really are… and their facebook pages are usually carefully constructed to enhance who they are… any thoughts??

  2. Carey

    I have friended some of my friends’ kids on Facebook. It is part of their deal with their parents that some other adult had access to them. Of course, my son has figured out how to block certain people from seeing his Google + posts so it doesn’t much matter anymore…

  3. Karen

    If my 8th grader so much as sees me looking at the Facebook page of a friend, he says “Stalker!” And though he exaggerates, there’s truth to it: it is creepy to follow your kids’ friends. I think online we have to follow the same parenting advice we live by: we’re parents, not friends.

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