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  1. Jackie Dishner

    So sorry you’re having to deal with this at all, Jen. At least you know you’re not alone. I mean, if you’re being Googled…

  2. Laura Laing

    You haven’t been to Portland????? Good lord. I’m so disappointed.

  3. Candice @ Fashionably Organized

    I appreciate you posting because there’s an underlying lesson to be learned from this for all of us who blog. We have to really watch what we say [type]. Google is a powerful thing and anyone can find what they need about you. You are going through something painful AND personal, and I wish you well during this troubling time. I’m sorry you have to also feel like people are in your business when they shouldn’t be.

  4. Jenn @therebelchick

    I hate it that you felt you needed to write this post, BUT…I think that you should write that book – How to Handle Divorce on Social Media when you’re kind of famous. :) Hugs!

  5. Lolli @ Better in Bulk

    Handled beautifully, Jen. Like others have said, I am sorry that this was a post that you had to write, but as a person who has had to tell the same story too often, it’s probably better to say it once and have it out there…and end there. Hugs through this time. I’m sure it’s not easy.

  6. Asha Dornfest {Parent Hacks}

    I live in Portland, so I came here thinking “does Jen have some big connection to my town I don’t know about?” And instead, this news. I wish you well during this chapter of your family’s life. Privacy and boundaries are yours to define…not sharing isn’t the same thing as being “inauthentic.” (I have to remind myself about that as well.)

  7. Katja of Skimbaco

    I would just like to hope that it means that you have a lot of people who care about you and wanted to know you are doing OK :) But yes… a new book idea, maybe not about the divorce, but about nosy people!

  8. Kelly {the Centsible Life}

    I’m sorry that you even had to write this, but I appreciate how authentically and openly you live your life.

    I agree, I see a book or at least an article about this in your future. While you don’t need to get into the details I think it could be informative for anyone struggling with how to deal with nosy people in real life and online.

    I’m glad everyone is ok-sending you much love.

  9. Judy Schwartz Haley

    Well that just sucks. 2 cents aren’t much these days, but I say you can be authentic without divulging every detail of your personal life. Some things are nobody’s business.

    On the other hand, there’s a book opportunity that just laid itself out there for you, should you choose to go in that direction.

  10. Jennifer Cullen

    Clearly, a handbook would make it all so much easier! Looks like you’re having a good summer. I was thinking of you the other day. Hoping our paths cross again!

  11. Christine Adler

    So sorry to hear this, Jen. While the Internet makes so many things easier, I’m willing to bet it makes an equal amount of things harder.

    Clearly your next book project needs to be the creation of “How to Handle Your Divorce: A Guidebook for the Sort of Famous” so I hope you’re keeping notes.

    And though the only Portland I’ve been to is the one in Maine, I say visit it. It’s beautiful.

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