Coney Island: Help I Have an Aching Body

After Emilio Franco, mute since birth, rode on the world famous Cyclone roller coaster in Coney Island, New York, he reportedly said his very first words, “I feel sick.”

I concur.

Note to travelers: If you’re going to eat hot dogs at the original Nathan’s and ride the 85-year-old Cyclone, reverse that order.

Cyclone ride

The pre-ride thumbs-up was a premature review.

Or maybe skip the Cyclone altogether. That would be my kids’ advice, for sure, given that my 13-year-old’s first words off the Cyclone were, “That is not safe!”

cyclone coney island

Somewhere along our 60 mph plunge from the Cyclone’s 85-foot peak on Monday, my son came out of his seat and THUD! Landed on his coccyx, thus injuring him enough that he didn’t want to ride on any more roller coasters the entire day. I sustained bruises and a stiff neck, reminding me of a car accident I was in once.

And that’s a shame, because there are more (safe-feeling) and fun rides in the new Luna Park, including something called the Steeplechase, which involves being strapped down to a plastic horse and being flung forward at 40 mph. Riders are advised to keep their chins up and leave their glasses behind. This proved to be wise advice.

coney island steeplechase

Yeah, I went on this one, too. When we were flung forward at the start, I uttered a poop-related word, but my son couldn't hear me over the whooshing wind.

The nice people at Luna Park gave us free four-hour passes, which let us on some of the rides for free. The Brooklyn Flyer was kind to my kids’ aching muscles:

Coney Island ride

Beautiful sky sold separately. Nah, just kidding.

Luna Park Coney Island

There are lots of rides and games for kids of all ages at Luna Park, Coney Island.

Luna Park Cyclone Coney Island
Nathan's original Coney Island

Thanks to the Cyclone, we were reminded of our lunch at Nathan's all day long.

Nathan's bathroom sign

Just warning you before you head to Nathan's original at Coney Island, as I am unsure of your restroom habits.

Next time, and there will be a next time, we’ll skip the Cyclone and head straight to the Luna Park rides. Meanwhile:

ibuprofen pack

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  1. PJ Forrestall

    This is hilarious and so true. My sister and I both decided for some reason to ride the cyclone a few days ago and I’m still sore. I loved your comparison to a car accident and your son saying “that was not safe!” thanks for the laugh!!

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