One response to “Monsters? Middle Schoolers Bully Elderly Woman on Video”

  1. Max Morf

    To offer a twist on that well known line, “sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will last forever.” And it’s true. I can still recall a bullying incident that happened to me when I was in the 7th grade, on the bus ride home. It’s a terrible situation to be in as you can’t exactly stop the bus and get off when it’s your only way to get home. As for this incident, the answer lies in parenting, though I won’t give society a complete pass. When I was a kid there weren’t mainstream movies like SAW and HOSTEL that celebrate human torture or videogames where you can be a Mafia don and have people executed at your virtual feet. To say parents can just keep kids from these things is to be naive; the internet, video streaming, is EASILY accessible; you can’t really control what kids are going to be exposed to. What’s important though, from a parenting perspective, is to explain to kids what’s harmful, what’s dangerous and what it means to take this sort of thing into your heart and mind. Funny, I recall a scene in WITNESS where the elderly Amish man is speaking to a child who has discovered Harrison Ford’s pistol. He says, when you take the bad thing, the evil thing, into your hand, you are also taking it into your heart. True.

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