2 responses to “SUDDENLY FRUGAL: Should You Tip in This Economy?”

  1. Leslie

    I totally agree that one should leave a proper tip or not go at all. My son works as a server and gets paid the minimum for servers ($2 + change). He depends on his tips to make a living and I have seen him pretty “low” after doing a superb job of “being of service” to his customers, and they leave NOTHING! How degrading! I’m a VERY strong believer that “if you want good service, then be prepared to pay for it”! He gives great service and goes overboard to give comfort to others who want to be waited on. After all, you pay for the service of an electric bill so you can be cool & comfortable, don’t you? If not, you wouldn’t have electric, (right?) so PLEASE pay for your services as kindly as they are given.

  2. Betsy Cadel

    Tipping is essential and if you’ve ever read the book “Nickeled & Dimed” you’ll know why. I often this of this: a waitress at a diner probably does double the work of a server at a fancy restaurant where the average tab may come to $200. A tab at the diner may be more like $20. I’m not suggesting you leave the waitress a $40 tip, but is the “generous” 20% tip of $4 right? I tend to think about the fact that an extra dollar or two will help out the person who has just worked really hard to make my life a little easier.

    And I agree, if you can’t afford to tip properly then maybe you shouldn’t be going out.

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