2 responses to “Are More Men Really Choosing Kids Over Career?”

  1. Matthew Mancino

    I’ve been a SAHD for 3.5 years. When I started I was shunned. Dads in Phoenix are much more accepted now. I’m seeing a lot more out and around now than I ever had.

    Kids learn things from dad they may never learn from mom.
    That’s neither good nor bad. Just is.

    My wife’s dad stayed home for 8 years before she was a teen. She has great memories of that.

  2. NY Phoenix

    When our boys were small, my dh and I would trade off, he was working, I was going to college. He worked mornings and a few nights a month, so I had afternoons and a couple of evenings for my classes. One of us was always home with them. When dh was laid off and I went back to work, he was the SAHD. End result? 14 years later our boys have no concept of “gender roles” and are both capable of cleaning, doing their own laundry, both are really good cooks, nurturing (yes, they change diapers without giving it anymore thought than doing their laundry, it needs to be done so they do it), etc. I wish all kids had the oppertunity to spend time with their parents one on one without the gender roles..

    Let’s not forget, John Lennon was also a stay at home dad with Sean….

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