5 responses to “The Mommy War is Over. Cease Fire, People.”

  1. Mia

    People have too much free time if they’re chasing you across the interwebs to destroy your recognition of moms who work at home (I think I prefer that to SAHM). Those creative moms who stay at home to tend to the children as a full time job rarely (if ever) get a break. And i’m not talking about those with full time nannies and housekeepers. Why not? What’s it to the rest of the mothers out there? Too much bitterness!! Everyone deserves a day. :)

  2. Michele Bartlett

    So true! I’ve been both – a WAHM, a SAHM and a soon to be…..uh, I need a new term for a mom that sometimes works at home and sometimes works at work. Anyway, the one thing I have found from my experience as well as my friends’ experiences it that there is guilt regardless of your decision!!! We all feel we aren’t doing enough or doing it well enough. But like said above, it all full time.

  3. Denise

    Yay! But, Jen, if ONLY you declaring a cease-fire would mean the end of it. It’s like Afghanistan, these Mommy Wars, and not because of the US’s 10-year-entanglement there, but because that besieged, embattled country actually has something called a “fighting season.”

    I’m tired of the war, too — which I wrote about last week on Mean Moms Rule — but I also believe it’s not fought all that much on the ground between or among moms, but is whipped up by the media and, in this lovely presidential season, politicians.

    Enough already!

  4. Lana

    I have been both a stay at home mom and working mom and I don’t see a difference between the two. A few years back, I read “The Second Shift,” by Arlie Hochschild and she commented in the book that the difference in time that a working mom spends doing housework vs. the time spent by a stay at home mom is 10 minutes. The fact is that both are busy with children, housework, families, responsibilities, etc. I always say to my sisters that while I work outside the home and they don’t have a break from the parenting part like I do. For eight hours, I get to be someone besides “Mom,” and for that reason, I don’t envy stay at homes mom and I know that they are lucky if they get even a half hour of adult time. Anyway, the term working mom is redundant, isn’t it?  Aren’t all moms working regardless of whether they are stay at home moms or not?

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