3 responses to “Parents Less Likely to Take Girls Outside to Play”

  1. Stacey

    Crazy! I am pleased that I am always kicking my girls out the door. And you are so right- we all go nuts if I don’t!

  2. Maricris @ SittingAround

    Thanks for sharing, Jen. I have a daughter who’s now 12. I must admit, I used let her play board games, dolls,etc. more often than having outdoor games.

  3. Jennifer Fink

    You know what I didn’t like about the article and study? The fact that it looked at the number of parents who take their kids outside to play. Like Meagan Francis(who wrote about this just the other day), I’m the kind of mom who SENDS her kids outside to play.

    Yes, I went out with them when they were littler; I don’t have a fenced in yard and in no way could trust my toddlers not to wander into the street. But all of my boys (now ages 6-14) have been playing outside independently since about age 4.

    Granted, I’m lucky enough to live in a small, safe town, surrounded by great neighbors. I have a decent-sized backyard with a sandbox and swing set and can peek at the kids periodically from the kitchen windows. I realize that not everyone is fortunate enough to have those amenities. But generally speaking, I don’t think that “kids getting outside to play” has to mean “parents going out to play with kids.”

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