One response to “LIVING IN SPLITSVILLE: Meditation is My Midlife Medication”

  1. RK Henderson

    Very nice article, Christina. I began practicing Zen in the last year of my marriage, and it helped tremendously through the collapse and its aftermath. I take stuff like that very hard, was deeply invested in my marriage, and yet the Zen softened the blowback so much.

    I became a Zen monk (a hermit monk mostly, with some structured, in-house monastic training as well) soon after the wife moved out. Meditation is good for you. No-one can say why or how; it doesn’t change anything, won’t fix anything, didn’t even change my personality dramatically, but meditation “works”. Whatever that means, in whatever context.

    I’ll never go back to my pre-meditation self and life. Christians call what happened to me “being born again.” And that’s exactly what it was.

    My very best,


    Rusty Ring: Reflections of an Old-Timey Hermit

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