3 responses to “National Shame Your Child Month”

  1. Heather N

    That said, shaming around grades is cruel. Following rules is one thing; not being able to perform in school, perhaps bears some further scrutiny by professionals. There are lots of reasons kids underperform at school. Meh. I’d rather have a kid who knows right from wrong.

  2. Heather N

    To say it’s worse than physical punishment is ridiculous. There is really no shame your child month. But moral education appears to be lacking…and I’m not talking about religion. Parents these days are not nuclear, they often work several jobs, and they are just not around enough to instruct their kids. Or they have no interest. I shoplifted once with my folks in the store and I will never forget the shame of having to admit this to the store manager and all the cashiers and stuff. What a stupid move that was. I have my own daughter now and I see NOTHING wrong with this. When people go to jail for unscrupulous behavior, people ALWAYS wonder about their parenting. Not on my watch, I say. I see this as much better than whippings, spankings or switches, and yes, I know all of it. This makes more of a lasting impression. I feel truly sorry for what I did. And I bet this girl does too.

  3. Maricris @ SittingAround

    What’s with these parents? Well, that’s their way of discipline. But how can they take that. I mean, me personally, will never, never do that to my kids! For me, it is even worst than physical abuse!

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