3 responses to “School Replaces Nutritious Lunch with…Chicken Nuggets?”

  1. Healthy Individual

    I want to have kids for times like these. I would raise all kinds of hell on that school. This is rediculous, I don’t think it was so much the government looking in lunch boxes as much as it was just a nosey teacher that obvisouly knows nothing about nutrition or kids. At that age you feed them whatever they will eat, most kids at that age are picky eaters and don’t eat stuff simply because it looks “yucky” or smells funny. Don’t take away my potiental healthy meal and feed my child 3 breaded processed chicken nuggets. or in your case Victoria kp, poptarts and ceral for breakfast. Really since when did poptarts and sugary ceral start having as much protein as eggs? Since never thats when!

  2. Victoria KP

    This is absolutely absurd! The very idea that a lunch brought from home should be inspected is outrageous. School cafeterias send the most ridiculous set of mixed messages.

    When my son was in kindergarten he was required to eat the school breakfast (even though he ate a nutritious breakfast at home). He was introduced to Pop Tarts & Fruit Loops AT SCHOOL!

    Yet, when I packed him one miniature peanut butter cup along with his otherwise healthy lunch, he was told he couldn’t “bring candy to school”.

  3. Brette Sember

    This is so, so crazy. There aren’t even words.

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