17 responses to “Oh, Nuggets. Are We All Blogging a Hoax?”

  1. Braden Bost

    Every few months I remember this story and I get bothered all over again that hardly anyone called it out for being the obvious hoax that it was. Three years since and there have been no follow ups, no pictures of her after the hospital stay, no updates on her condition or diet today, etc. Nothing.

    There’s a particular irony in snobby people (such as a few in the previous comments) saying that you don’t *want* to believe this could be true and that’s why you think it’s a hoax, because I find that it’s far more common that people *do* want this to be true so they can feel superior to someone else out there and have something to complain about.

    But while we’re on the topic of other commenters, I also agree that you should be careful citing Super Size Me as factual. It’s not, but like this story about the McNugget Teenager, everyone is so eager to believe that McDonalds is an evil corporation bent on killing the human race through greasy food, they’ll hop on any bandwagon they see going by.

  2. Natalie Fisher

    You should not be judgemental about what you witnessed in a shop, the child may be autistic or something, my friend is constantly given dirty looks for “appeasing” her child but she does it to avoid a melt down that makes her chi;d ill. If you don’t have all the facts please don’t judge. A disabled child can look like a spoilt or naughty child. It’s hard enough having a child with a disability without strangers making assumptions about your parenting.

  3. Nicole

    It’s totally possible for something like this to happen. I don’t know whether this girl is lying or not, but something like this can definitely happen, whether we want to believe it or not.

  4. SED

    This is definitely a true story. At least it can be. I am 22 years old and have eaten almost nothing but goldfish crackers and McDonalds chicken nuggets since I was 3. Look up Selective Eating Disorder. This is a condition that many people have, including myself. I cannot eat anything new. I dry heave and cannot swallow. Don’t pretend that you understand what it is like to have your child go through this, because you don’t. My parents tried everything, but I just wouldn’t eat… period.

    1. Plugger

      You’re mentally ill is all.

  5. Steven

    So is. There a chance that in 15 years the girl posed for a photo holding up mcdonalds food?

    The photos have to come from after her hospitalization?

  6. Josh


  7. David

    interesting you figured out this story is fake yet you did not figure out the movie super size me was also fake.

    Try and get Morgan Spurlock’s food log if you don’t believe me.

  8. Fe fe

    Sorry its fake

  9. Danielle

    To the person above who said “she’s from the UK, say no more”, I think you’re being a little ignorant. There are several stories like this all over the world, let’s not forget who the most obese nation in the world is.

    I don’t believe this story is completely true; I think they’ve stretched the truth a fair bit. I mean, what parent gives up when their kid won’t eat veg? All parents have been there, we’ve all gotten over it. I’d never dream of allowing my son to eat like that.

    1. Richard

      ‘let’s not forget who the most obese nation in the world is.’

      What does Mexico have to do with this?

  10. Jennifer Coe

    I thought the SAME thing.

  11. Jones

    Why wouldn’t it be real? There are many thick, weak parents today – “my child is my best friend”.

    In the dietary sense, the story is also from the UK – say no more.

    The story didn’t surprise me at all. We just don’t *want* to believe it.

  12. Betty

    I know and work with this lying girl she did it for money and nothing else it’s all lies

  13. PCL

    I was surprised to see so few skeptical comments on the news sites that carried this bizarre story. Reminds me of the “balloon boy” hoax a couple of years back. I’ll bet she’s hoping for a modeling career, and she looks healthier than more models (not saying much). I noticed that the Telegraph and Guardian don’t have postings on this; they might be a little more skeptical than The Sun and the Daily Mail.

  14. Dad | Perfecting Parenthood

    But whether it is true or not, why do we care? I had a friend in university who ate only meat, never any fruit, vegetable or grain unless it was processed so much that it no looked natural. Ketchup, fries, bread, those were ok. And also pop and milk; he drank litres of both each day. He was very very skinny until about second year when his years of poor diet overpowered his natural body and he practically exploded and he was probably 350lbs by fourth year. He suffers from many other health problems as well now. Alas, no story about him. Chicken Nugget Girl will eventually figure it out. She doesn’t look like she excercises either. At least excercise and youth can help absorb a lot of bad diet.

  15. Mom101

    In a word where people get paid for tabloid stories, I can imagine a 17 year old has plenty of motivation to ‘adjust’ her story. Call me skeptical. I am.

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