Happy 9th Birthday, MommaSaid.

birthday candle 9Today, my baby turns nine. I feel like I should be picking out sparkly pink and purple nail polishes for a salon party. Except, my baby is a web site, this web site, MommaSaid.net. And she looks best in blue.

When she was, uh, born, my kids were in preschool and kindergarten — and not at the same time. One went to school in the morning, and the other, in the afternoon. I had a 30 minute window between my preschooler’s pick-up and my kindergartener’s bus arrival, during which I whipped up sandwiches, pulled on boots and pretended that wasn’t a left-handed mitten I just stuck on my kid’s right hand.

At night, I wrote. I taught myself HTML. I stared out the window wondering if the next day was paper or glass recycling day. 

I was a mom blogger before there was an entire industry attached to mom blogging, with the swag and the pitches and the Klout scores. Back then, Twitter didn’t exist and Facebook was for college kids. MommaSaid grew through word-of-mouth and mentions in traditional media. Also, because my mom forced MommaSaid cards on mothers pushing strollers in malls across New Jersey.

MommaSaid took on fabulous bloggers who helped bring information and humor to moms who need it. They still do, and for that, I am grateful.

I am also grateful to have been able to keep MommaSaid going, albeit sporadically, when I had cancer in 2007. Your notes and emails made me feel loved, and made me want to add that next post, to keep my baby going.

So what’s next for MommaSaid? Well, more information and humor, plus sharing and conversation. Also, a 10th birthday next year.

Thanks for being a fan.

Jen Singer



4 responses to “Happy 9th Birthday, MommaSaid.”

  1. Winnie Yu

    Congratulations, Jen, and thank you for paving the way. I’m a long-time writer and brand new mom blogger, who heard you speak at ASJA last year. Keep up the great work!

  2. Aviva Goldfarb

    Love the video, Jen!! Happy Birthday, and thanks for forcing me to get onto Twitter a few years ago!

  3. Gina

    Happy Birthday MommaSaid! I’ve been with you from the beginning and my girls are the same ages as your boys. I had a similar pre school/kindergarten schedule as you where we were driving back and forth, back and forth to 2 different schools….I was a stay home mom and I have to say, MommaSaid got me through many stressful, lonely and sometimes boring days. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED being a stay home mom and wouldn’t trade those years for the world but you helped me feel like it was “okay” and others are doing it as well.
    Thanks Jen – keep writing, helping others and making us laugh!

  4. karla

    The kids are growing up, but the need for laughter never goes away. Thanks, MommaSaid, for the sanity-saving humor!

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