4 responses to “12 New Year’s Resolutions Moms Ought to Make for 2012”

  1. Gina

    These are great! For me, #4 is super hard but I really like #8. This is the year we are going to try harder to follow thru on those consequences. Fingers crossed it works.

  2. Jennifer Fink

    Re #6: I will reserve the right to pull my kids from the game and take them home when a) the tornado siren goes off or b) when my Mommy instincts tell me that it’s time to go, even if the ref/ump insists on continuing the game.

    I once saw baseball umps and coaches decide to continue the game, despite the fact that the tornado sirens went off. (They all consulted their cell phones and determined the storm wasn’t on “this side of the county.”). I went along with it at the time, but later realized that was ridiculous. I’m the Mom. That’s my kid out there. No 10-year-old baseball game is worth possibly being hit/caught by a major storm.

    Same thing w/ b. My 8 yr old once played through a 2 hr. rainy baseball game in just-over-freezing weather. The kids were shivering in the outfield and looking clearly miserable. The umps wouldn’t call the game. My every instinct told me that was ridiculous, that the point of ball at that point should be for the kids to learn and have fun. They weren’t doing either at that point. Next time, I’m listening to my instincts.

  3. Susan (5 Minutes for Mom)

    Love it. I’ll be trying!

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