Teens Tricked into Kissing Their Parents. Ha. Ha. Wha?

blindfolded Rosemount HighSo you’re a high school athlete, the captain of your team. Your school holds a pep rally in the gym, where you’re blindfolded and told that another senior would be kissing you full on the lips.

Except, when you take the blindfold off, you discover you didn’t just plant your lips on another student, but on your parent.

Ew, right? Well, according to the Star Tribune, that’s exactly what happened at Rosemount High School in Minnesota at a recent pep rally for winter sports’ teams. One mother even moved her son’s hand to her butt during their smooch to the “oh-my-God-that’s-so-wrong-yet-hilarious” looks on the faces of other students.

As a former high school soccer captain, well, I can only imagine the therapy required to get over something like that. Years, maybe decades. As the mother of two young athletes, I am disgusted that the adults thought this was a. appropriate, b. harmless and c. so darn funny.

The principal apologized, and someone claiming to be a student posted their own video on YouTube saying it was no big deal and that their school doesn’t belong in the news. But once you watch the video, I think you’ll agree with the general assessment across the web of “Ewwwwwwww.”

What do you think? Funny or gross?

3 responses to “Teens Tricked into Kissing Their Parents. Ha. Ha. Wha?”

  1. Ian

    I do not find this video the least bid amusing. A “prank” like this is public humiliation at it’s utmost extent, it could also leave some of the students traumatised or even make them doubt their sexual orientation.

  2. RS

    It’s kind of sad that people made a big deal of this. Kids give their parents kisses all the time! The sad part is that the kids were told they were gonna be kissed by a random student and they were ok with that… THAT grosses me out! Now the parent and child have a moment they can look back at on their Senior year and laugh TOGETHER. Don’t take it so serious… there are worse things than kids being pranked into kissing their parents!

  3. Kim R

    I think that is wrong. Plenty of kids kiss their parents on the lips for years, but to have it set up like a same-aged girl or guy and then be a parent is gross in my opinion. I think they went too far…

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